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Wedding dance

   Outside of the exchange of vows, the wedding dance is one of the most anticipated events at a wedding. Why not make it as memorable as possible?

    Your wedding dance is a testament to your union and an expression of your personality as a couple. To make your wedding dance as unique as you are, we will customize your dance to fit your style, music, venue, skill level, and comfort level. Our goal is to help you execute the classiest, coolest, or even craziest first dance of your dreams with ease!

    We recommend getting started early. Ideally, wedding couples should give themselves several months to practice their choreography. This is particularly helpful for grooms who need enough time to become comfortable with the steps as well as with initiating the lead. It’s also helpful for brides who might not be used to following and who have to learn to recognize cues from the groom.

    To get you started on your wedding dance journey, we offer wedding dance packages that include private lessons, choreography, music editing and optional group classes.

    Your wedding dance destiny is waiting! Be the couple who makes the crowd weep, cheer, or jump up and down with excitement!

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill confidence, joy, and pride through the highest quality dance instruction in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

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