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     Ballroom competitions can be small, local, one-day events or large, multi-day affairs, drawing competitors from around the world.  Student dancers can compete as amateur couples or by dancing with their teachers in professional-amateur (pro-am) categories.  There are many reasons to compete.

  • First, competitions provide an opportunity to test yourself against others at the same skill level.

  • Second, preparation for a competition provides a focus for lessons and practices.  Being judged by a panel of knowledgeable professionals is significant motivation to improve.

  • Third, competitions afford the opportunity to observe other dancers.  You can learn a lot by watching really high-level dancers, especially the professional competitors.  They show you what you are trying to achieve. There may even be “ah ha” moments when, as you are watching other dancers, you realize why your teacher gives you certain corrections.

  • Fourth, and finally, competitions can be a lot of fun.  If you are with a group of dancers from your studio, you get to know each other better as you travel, dance, watch, cheer each other on, and celebrate together.


Our Mission

Our mission is to instill confidence, joy, and pride through the highest quality dance instruction in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

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