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There are Many Benefits of Dancing

It's no secret that moderate exercise and sensible eating habits are the keys to remaining trim and fit. However, the thought of spending thirty minutes at the gym is out of the question for many of us. Dancing works like a stress and tension reducer. For people on a hectic schedule, it can become a passion that helps you improve your attitude and increase your confidence in both social and business situations.

This is why dancing is the ideal exercise! After all, dancing is a mild aerobic workout. When you take dance lessons, you make exercising fun and an enjoyable social event every night of the week!


While developing your dancing skills, you should not be surprised if you:

  • Enjoy increased self-confidence

  • Meet new people and make new friends

  • Improve your overall health

  • Feel more at ease in social situations

  • Find the exercise and fitness you wanted

  • Make your partner happy

  • Enjoy attending more parties

  • Acquire more grace and poise

  • Overcome shyness

  • Relieve stress

  • Stand out on the dance floor

  • Never say "NO" to a dance invitation

  • Feel refreshed and relaxed

  • Discover recreation or entertainment in a new way

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register for group classes or schedule a private lesson?  You can call the studio at 803-960-8450 or fill out the registration on the group class page.

2.  Should I start with group classes or private lessons?  There is no wrong answer.  Some people enjoy the privacy and self paced atmosphere of a private lesson.  You can work on the dance you choose and progress with your dance instructor one on one at the pace you are most comfortable learning.  Its personalized and fun and the quickest way to learn.  Some people prefer to start with group classes.  Our group classes are always fun and supportive and a good way to make new friends.  Our classes cover many styles of dancing and you can choose what appeals to you most.  The most effective way to learn is to do some of both!  Get more detailed one on one training that can be tailored to your needs in private lessons to back up the things you learn in group class.  

3. What should I wear?  Wear something comfortable.  Think of it as going to the gym for a workout!  Wear shoes that will be comfortable and have a smooth bottom.  Sneakers tend to stick to the dance floor, and there is no need for girls to wear heels.  Something comfortable is good to get you started.  Once you decide you love dancing we can help you pick out your first pair of official dance shoes!

4. I'm a little scared.....  Everyone is at first, but jump in!  Everyone was once a beginner and we would all love to have you join us!  No experience or partner needed!

Our Mission

Our mission is to instill confidence, joy, and pride through the highest quality dance instruction in a warm, supportive atmosphere.

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